Sonogy – Next Generation R&D

Ahh, the trade off, i can spend time actually DOING R&D or communicating it here. But I must remember that sharing that information is part of what this hobby, and a successful business is about. SO i will endeavor to post interesting information on research we perform, and develop as it happens.  The good news is ” I am way behind” – meaning that much has progressed over the past two+ years.  The bad news is, well, I am well behind sharing it here. 🙂  read below to hear what Sonogy is doing on everything from basic product R&D, to testing new an unique ways of achieving superb sound, at a reasonable price, with features and convenience not normally associated with the hgih end.  These are all things I want, and trust they appeal to many of you.

I’ll try to keep blogs to a readable length, and make this post “Sticky” as an introduction.



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