Sonogy New Products

Welcome to tomorrow’s Sonogy.  While no commercial products exist yet, we can see the finish line.  After three years of intense listening, research, designing, and prototyping (and more listening!) we have pre-protoype products in the field.

In the Sonogy blog, I have documented some of the journey, and hope to document much more.  In the blog, you will find  both an overview of our direction, and also a jumping off point that gives you a window into our thinking, our methods, our frustrations and our progress.  And even if you never buy a Sonogy product, insight into what we have learned.  I hope you enjoy it – please check back regularly.

So what ARE we doing?  We’re trying to change the game, in useability, value-for-price, rich sound, and an attractive package.

Many good products exist in the high end. I was not interested in doing “just” another good product, even if it were a little better for the price than others. I wanted something different, that i believe the market wants, maybe even needs.

After any years in high end i still loved the sound and the music. But packaging frustrated me, and as i asked around, it frustrated many of my friends and especially their non-audiophile but music loving family and friends.  We al wanted something smaller and sleeker – more easily integrated into a living environment.  Ideally one box.  Remote control.

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