Welcome to the new online home of Sonogy Research LLC.  Excuse the paucity of information as we build our library.

Sonogy Research LLC is dedicated to understanding the new business opportunities — and threats — that are created by new technologies, and to helping you successfully navigate these confusing waters.

We don’t claim to be experts in myriad diverse fields, but rather focus on new communications technologies, and specifically the software that enables them – especially:

  • Virtualization
  • Dynamic policy architectures
  • Agile operations and Digital Ecosystems

We firmly believe in the value of investing in deep expertise, and focus our investments accordingly.

Please reach out to us with questions or suggestions!

Grant F. Lenahan


I encourage you to also visit: http://appledoreresearch.com.   Appledore Research Group provides the industry’s highest quality research and insight on key emerging software technology to enable the virtualization of telecom, and the emergence of  cross-vertical Digital Ecosystems.