Welcome to the  online home of Sonogy Research LLC.  Excuse the paucity of information as we build our library.  Please look at our blog, where we cover technical topics – not directly product information.  I hope you will find several interesting.  And now, as our “research and development” for a new integrated amplifier draws to a close, we have begun to document that “product” and the research process (and research it was!) on the “Sonogy New Products” page.  Information on our historical products (most still in use) is on Legacy.

If you recall Sonogy high-end products from the 1990s, yes, this is us, and yes, support is still available.  Lots of technical and nostalgic information is available for download here.  But new things are happening.  Its too soon to predict products, but as our research and designs progress early information will be available here.  Along the way follow my blog where I’ll try to take an open-minded engineering approach to some of the vexing yet exciting issues, such as streaming / digital music.

I am constantly reminded that what we did int he 1990s was special – nearly all of those products are still in use, and competitive (or superior) sonically to the best on the market today.  And they have remained as reliable and un-fussy (amps will pretty much drive anything) as we intended them to be.  My next goal is to update that philosophy, and bring it to digital and streaming/networked music.

Here’s a rhetorical question:  do our products sound like tubes, or just more like music?

Please reach out to us with questions or suggestions!

Grant F. Lenahan


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